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I went to my new house to my room. It is very big and beatiful. I will use a blue wardrobe and a blue bookcase. I saw a big bed and there was a blue sheet on it, I really liked them, because my favorite color is blue. But my desk was brown. In fact, I like brown, too. And there were many pet dogs and pet bears. They were cute, really eute. I loved them very much.


August 12,20__ Friday

Today, I did housework for grandmother. She is not very healthy and I decide to do housework for her more frequently. And she will feel happy and bee better. Suddenly, an idea hit me that it’s terrible to grow old becuase you have to worry about both your health and others’ opinions. Once again, I make a decision to be a good girl.


I wanted to buy some delicious food.there were many kinds of food. I wanted to eat more and more fruits. I wanted to eat apples in order to lose weight. I liked eating bananas, straw berries, pears and watermelons, I wanted to buy some books, I thought they can help me study not long after my holidays, I wanted to buy a pair of golves for myself because my golves were lost. And I bought some CDs.


This morning, the sky is cloudless, spring。 My friends and I went to the park flying a kite, flying a kite in the park so many people, some is small swallow; some birds; there is I most like the phoenix。 The sky was a riot of colours, like a blossoming be riotous with colour clouds really beautiful ah! We play happy!


Housework?Honestly speaking I never do houseworks.My mum does all of them.I hate doing houseworks because it is boring and tiring,and Learning English is boring and tiring enough for me.Whenever my mum ask me to wash dishes for her I shout to her “No Way!Study is already impossibly hard for me and more housework can only drive me closer to madness.” That"s all I know about housework.




I am going to have a busy weekend!On Saturday,I am going to the bookstore by motor cycle .I am going to buy a new CD and some comic books.then,I am goimg to go home and read the new books.On Sunday,I am going to the subermarket with my parents.We are going after lunch.Then,in the evening,I am going play caeds with my parents and sister.That will be fun!


last year ,I went to Beijing I love there The summer Places is to beautiful and we went to Wangfujing though there are lots of people in there and the things are too expensive ,most people buy things in there.

I bought a pair of beautiful shoes in there.

I love Beijing .

This too beautifuL



Yesterday was my thirteenth birthday.

My parents had a birthday party for me. I invited my friends to my party.

My parents bought new clothes and some books as my birthday presents.

How happy I felt when I put on the new clothes!

When all my friends arrived, my mother brought delicious food and a big birthday cake.

My friends sang “Happy birthday to you!” and gave me some presents.

Then we began to eat. It was my happiest day.






Global warming in the Antarctic glaciers melt faster, sea level will rise rapidly, life on earth will have one"s head above water. I told grandpa, this is too much carbon emissions. When the Spring Festival, we do not have as they often buy a lot of fireworks, fireworks set off once the only in the New Year"s eve, can rise to exult beaming atmosphere is ok, otherwise the carbon dioxide is really too much, families, cumulative emissions are impressive. I appeal through the Internet, the farmers don"t in the wheat straw burning, after the autumn harvest of freshwater and sell special corporations to finish molding fuel, can not only generate economic benefits, can save the environmental protection, protect the earth.



Today,my parents take me to Qingdao.I see the beautiful blue sea.Some people are playing games near the seaside,and also many people are swimming in the water.We stay in the water for about one hour and then come back to the beach for lunch.I eat many many sea food.What a nice day!




August 12, Friday Today, I did housework for grandmother。 She is not very healthy and I decide to do housework for her more frequently。 And she will feel happy and bee better。 Suddenly, an idea hit me that it’s terrible to grow old becuase you have to worry about both your health and others’ opinions。 Once again, I make a decision to be a good girl。


I have many hobbies, such as sports, singing, and keeping a diary.

In school, I often hear the P.E. teacher say, sports do good to one"s health,() and will make one live longer. So, I like sports very much. I go running in the morning, and after classes in the afternoon. I play basketball with my friends. These sports have kept me healthy.

At home, I like to sing . I hope I will be a singer when I grow up.

Of all my hobbies I like reading books best. In my bedroom there are nearly six hundred books. There are story books, textbooks, magazines, and others. When I grow up, I will serve the people with the knowledge I have learned from them.


Today,my topic is environmental pollution. As the world get more and more modern, pollution presents a serious problem. More people make more waste. All this waste is polluting our environment. Pollution has a bad influence on our life. There are still many problems of environmental protection in recent years. The most serious problems is the pollution of air, water and soil.

Air pollution is one of the major problems of the modern world. Because some waste gases is coming from factories, cars, power plants put out.The polluted air is harm to people’s health.

The polluted water causes diseases and death. With the development of modern agriculture and industry, more and more waste water is being poured into rivers. It has caused serious pollution. The river is becoming so dirty that no living water pollution is one of the major problems of the modern world.There are nothings can live in it. The river is giving off a terrible smell.

Soil pollution was very serious. The garbage has become an important problem in major cities, ten million tons of garbage every day, a lot of garbage is not incineration and corruption, such as plastic, rubber and so on.

In conclusion, the environmental pollution problem is becoming more and more serious, affecting every aspect of our lives. For our health, we should protect our living environment.