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  Water is the most valuable resource on the earth. Water is the necessity of our life and we must drink it everyday.Now, many people can not drink clear water, because many of them are badly polluted. So, in order to save water, the first thing we should do is reduce water pollution. In addition, we should develop good habits to save water. For example, turn off the tap after we use. Or we should recycle the water to make it full use. In one word, water is scarce for all of us and we should try our best to save it.












Water is the source of life and an indispensable and important thing in life. We should cherish the water resources on the earth. Water, this is a familiar thing. Two thirds of the earth"s surface is covered by water. The vast ocean, surging rivers and scattered lakes make the earth beautiful and colorful.

For life, water is the cause of life. Two thirds of an adult"s body is water, 90 percent of the blood is water, and even one fifth of the bone is water. A normal person can live for 20-30 days without any food and drinking water, but without water, he can only live for one week at most, so human beings cannot live without water. But you know, water, the most important thing for us, is gradually leaving us. According to relevant statistics, the total water volume on the earth is 1.36-13.9 billion cubic kilometers. Among them, sea water accounts for 97.3% of the total water volume, and fresh water only accounts for 2.7%. There is also a certain amount of water in the soil, atmosphere, and organisms.

In fresh water, 77.2% are in the form of glaciers, ice caps and ice sheets, which cannot be used directly; In addition, 22.4% is deep groundwater, and the labor cost to exploit and use it is too high. Rivers, lakes and shallow groundwater on the ground are available to us, accounting for only 0.32% of the total water volume. Although this percentage is small, usable and water can be recycled, why it has become the most concerned topic in the world today, because some water sources are polluted and not suitable for use, and China is a water-poor country, Therefore, it is imperative to cherish water resources.

In life, we often see the phenomenon of wasting and polluting water, such as: the faucet is not tightened, dripping; Use water freely, let the water flow noisily; Domestic waste water and garbage are dumped. Our water resources are very limited, and the pollution is so serious that it will seriously affect everyone"s life. Therefore, we must prevent water pollution and save water.

Everyone should take action and start from the small things around him: water the flowers with the water after washing vegetables and rice, tighten the dripping faucet, and don"t throw garbage into the river... Boys and girls, what meaningful things should we do during holidays or weekends? I think we can start from saving water, reducing pollution and protecting water resources. Let"s take positive action and cherish every drop of water on the earth!


  Who is willing to drink the polluted water? It can cause us to be ill and even to die. We can"t wait for a moment to protect our water sources. The water we use comes from oceans, lakes, rivers or streams. But many of these water sources are getting seriously polluted. Towns and cities are pouring dust into the water. Many people are throwing all kinds of dirty things into the water. Factories are pouring waste material into the water. Therefore, water sources have become so badly polluted that some of the water is unfit to drink or to use. Now it is high time that we should do something to protect our water environment from being polluted.