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For the past few days, he skimmed through the past experiment database. He found a few interesting studies done prior to him entering the company.

One experiment in particular made him take notice. First of all, the data for this experiment was saved on a separate virtual drive which meant that it would not show up using normal key word searches. Secondly, this project seemed to be a joint collaboration between his neuroscience department and the chemistry department, so his neuroscience department login only gave him access to half the information. And third, the project was terminated abruptly with no explanation after tremendous resources were invested.






When you go to work in the morning and find that traffic lights dont work, the traffic jam will certainly happen. A patient needs to be operated on at once. What will happen if the operation cannot be made because of the electricity. Without electricity, we can neither watch TV, listen to the tape, nor chat on line. Electricity is closely related to our daily life.

How terrible it would be if there were no electricity!


What day is it, Li Ming? it"sThursday, October 29! When is the Spring Festival? January 29. Why? What doyou want to do during the Spring Festival? Iwant to go do the restaurant and eat French fries, hamburgers, donuts.. Those are Western foods. We eat dumplings, rice and noodles in China. Ilike dumplings, rice and noodles! But donuts are my favourite food.



My favourite book is Harry Potter.It has 7 books in all.Its a book about magic and other wonderful things which we cant find in real life.I love reading those books because they make me feel like Im inside the book with the characters.I always feel excited while reading the books.I also appreciate the author,who is J K Rowling.She uses beautiful words to describe things that we can only imagine.She can make it real and hard to forget.All in all,Harry Potter is my favourite book and Ill read it again and again.


I Want to Tell My Mom… Once there was a child who was very, very proud, because his face was as beautiful as the star. And when his mother came from far away to look for him, he turned away from her, and scorned her, because he saw that she was an ugly beggar woman. But after he had done so, his face became as ugly as the toad, and no children would play with him. Then the boy knew that he was punished for being cruel to her mother. And then he began to wander through the whole world, and suffered many sufferings, in search of her mother, and to ask for her forgiveness. The story was a fairy tale written by a famous writer from Ireland. His name is Oscar Wilde[读音和wild一样]. Oscar Wilde had also done wrong in his life, and was full of regret at her mother’s death, because he was in prison and couldn’t even see her mother for the last time. Though he was a master of words, he couldn’t write a single word to express his sadness, because the sadness was too great to be told. Life is very precious and for each of us is given once only. And that is given by our mother. I want to tell my mom that though there are too many things I can’t have, I am not going to ask you for them. And though my friends may have more beautiful lives I’m not going to envy them but be happy with my own. And though you’ll grow old and the wrinkles will be on your brow, you never change in my mind. And though I’m young and sometimes impatient I won’t be rude to you, and I know I will be so very proud when someday I become you.



I have many hobbies.In my spare time,I like listening to some pop music,especially the music played by some pop bands.It can make me relax and let me forget my unhappy moment. If Im in good mood,I always read some history books,which I think is benefical to my study .Besides,surfing the Internet is another means of entertainment of mine.Through the Internet I can get some useful information and chat with my friends as well.The Internet has shortened our distance.


Human and the Environment

Last weekend, I wanted to swim in the river that I usually wen in the childhood. When I went there, I was shock. The river is no longer like before. It was full of rubbish. It seemed that the rubbish is from the villagers themselves. In order to put the rubbish nearer, they put all of them into the river. Not only the water is not clean any more, the river also smelt bad. I real touched. Why human and the environment couldn’t live harmonious? Long time ago, they could get along with each other. Why not now? People have to stop their behavior to harm the environment. Otherwise, it would cause destruction to both sides.


Private highway or Public transportation I believe that our government should spend more money on transportation. Here is why. First of all, public transportation such as buses and subways can deliver a great amount of people at the same time. For instance, subways can always transfer hundreds of people to their destinations as soon as possible. Long distance buses will give a handful of help to many people who work in a different city as they live. In addition, local buses are heroes for making our everyday life easier. Secondly, public transportation can effectively relieve the traffic congestion in rush hour. For example, living in a metropolitan like New York or Toronto, people are highly recommended to take public transportation. Not only the gasoline price today is scaring people away, but they always agree that it can take them forever to get out of a traffic jam in rush hour. Last but not least, buses and subways today are typically powered by low emission fuels and even electricity. The government should realize that this will make a great contribution to the city’s environment. In the other hand, environmental problem has been raised as a global concern. I think our government should not consider the future impact of car emissions at last; otherwise they will eventually spend more money from their budget to save the environment. As a matter of fact, highway improvement is somehow required as well. Nowadays, in the city I am living, almost every family owns a car. My parents are living outside the city, they drive to work everyday. In holidays, they will invite me to have a trip. We can plan the trip wherever we want to go. People have more freedom to travel with cars, and it turns out that highways are always occupied during weekend. To conclude, public transportation requires more attention from our government. For instance, such as the quality of buses, the appropriate increase of routes and the safety concerns.



I will be a Chinese teacher in 30 years.I will stay in the house,Because I will teach on the Internet.Iwill teach a lot of students.Students will be very like me!We will be like friends! (2) In 100 years,people will live in the space city.They will stay in the house to do some interesting.things for example:exercise,sing,dance,draw, write......They say:“It"s easy to have a healthy lifestyle!”Kids won"t go to school,they will study on computer at home.People will hate robots in their home in the futures,people will be very relaxed!



The spring festival iverimportant to chinese people.

in the past, people could not often have meat, rice or other delicioufood. thecould onleat these during the spring festival. so everyear thehoped that the spring festival would come soon. now, although peoplelife imuch better, and we can eat the delicioufoodeveryday. people still like the festival. because most people can have a long holiday, and we are free to go on a trip or visit our friendor have partiewith our family. in the evenings, we can have a big meal in the restaurant or staat home with familand watch the tv programmes.

i like the spring festival vermuch. how wonderful the spring festival is!


I first washed cucumber, slices of cucumber and then cut into shreds, into tray. Placed above a number of ingredients, stirring to complete the look. I am glad, because this is what I do dishes. Time for dinner, Mom and Dad told me was full of praise for the dish, I was a child boast. I first washed cucumber, slices of cucumber and then cut into shreds, into tray. Placed above a number of ingredients, stirring to complete the look. I am glad, because this is what I do dishes. Time for dinner, Mom and Dad told me was full of praise for the dish, I was a child boast. I"m beautiful, I would like to do next will definitely eat more vegetables, so that parents enjoy.



My dream 金洪恩英语学校 姚鹏本 Hello , everyone ! My name is Ricky . I’m very happy to be here . Today I’ll tell you something about my dream . Everyone has a dream . Different people has different dream . My dream is to be a scientist . I want to invent many robots . These robots have many kinds of functions . I will invent a police robot . It can help people to catch thieves and direct the traffic on the roads . I will invent a maid robot . It can help people to do housework : cooking , mopping the floor , washing clothes and cleaning windows . It can do everything well . I’ll invent a machine cat . The cat has a white pocket . If you have this treasure , you will be unmatched in the world . When you meet a bad guy , you say to the pocket:“pocket , pocket , give me a weapon .” A powerful weapon will appear . When you are hungry . you say to the pocket :“pocket , pocket , give me some food .”The delicious food will appear in front of you . This is my dream . I believe my dream will come true . That’s all . Thanks for you lesionning !